GLVAC AC Contactors

AC Vacuum Contactor is the type of Contactors in which Vacuum acts as Di-Electric, and helps the contacts, not to arc or spark while the contact makes or breaks the connection while on load conditions. They are used to isolate the load from the source in any abnormal condition like if there is a short circuit at load end or there is over current drawn by the load the Circuit breaker will break the connection of load and source by sensing from built-in relay or external relay which is monitoring the abnormal condition. GLVAC has a wide variety of AC Contactors, these are CKJ11 Series, CKJ5 Series, JCZ5 Series, CKG4 Series, CHV Series.

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CKJ5 Series: Vacuum contactors use vacuum interrupter as switching elements, the main circuit moveable and stationary contacts are sealed in the vacuum where the atmospheric pressure is lower than 1*10-2 Pa. Vacuum medium has good isolation and arc extinguishing ability, so the vacuum contactor is characterized as high isolation voltage, small contact stroke, low contact wear, long life and so on.

CKJ11 Series: Vacuum contractors are full closed product adopting new technology, which has the characteristics of high operating voltage, small size, stability, long life, reliability, low pick-up power, low circuit resistance, easier maintenance, and so on comparing with the traditional CKJ5 contactors. CKJ11 contractors have got a national patent.

CHV Series: CHV series AC Contactors are suitable for the following making and breaking electric power system: AC 50Hz, 12kv or below the main circuit working voltage level, 630A or below working current level, such as frequent operating and control AC electric motor and magnetic starter. They are widely used in electric power systems, petroleum, chemical industry, coal mining, metallurgy and electrified railway, and other fields.

CKG4 Series: The extremely strong capacity of making and breaking, long electric life, safety, and reliability, low noise, easier installation, and maintenance. Features of JCZ5 ac contactors: Small size, lightweight, easier to use and maintain.

JCZ5 Series: Small size, lightweight, easier to use and maintain.

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