GIGAVAC continues leadership in sealed switching technology with the introduction of sealed fuse products. GIGAVAC fuse products now include the PyroTactor™, the world’s first contactor with integrated pyro fuse, and the GigaFuse™, the world’s only hermetically sealed electromechanical fuse. Both of these series are designed for high voltage and high power fuse application requirements.

GFC PyroTactor™ combines the function of HV fuses and contactors in a single device – thereby eliminating the need to size each component separately. The GFC Series is bi-directional, capable of handling system voltages up to 1500V, features include passive and active triggering. This new design significantly reduces resistance, eliminates thermal aging, and significantly reduces install time, complexity, and cost.

The GFP and GFPA GigaFuse™ Series includes fuse products with both passive and passive / active combinations. Like the GFC Series, the GFP and GFPA Series significantly reduce resistance, eliminate thermal aging, and dramatically reduce install time, complexity, and cost.

PyroTactor/HV Fuse + Contactor Combination
    Part Rated Voltage Continuous Current Max. Trip Current Interrupt Time Maximum Interrupt (amps) PDF
GEP 1000V 400A 2500A 5ms 10000
GEPA 1000V 400A 2500A 5ms 10000
 GFC400 1000V 400A 2500A 2ms 8000
GFC600 1000V 600A 2500A 2ms 10000

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