Vacuum Capacitors

Vacuum Capacitors use a high vacuum as the dielectric instead of air or other insulating material. They have commonly used in high-voltage (5000 volts (5 kV)) applications.


When compared to other variable capacitors, due to the vacuum itself vacuum variables tend to be more precise and more stable.


In our product range, we have all of the GLVAC Vacuum Fixed Vacuum Capacitors and Variable Vacuum Capacitors.

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GLVAC Variable Vacuum Capacitors, use the latest technology and advanced manufacturing processes to meet the demands of the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Broadcast, and Industrial markets. Some of our key features include a long lifetime, Custom designs, Superior RF performance.

GLVAC Fixed Vacuum Capacitors, use vacuum as dielectric with ceramic envelope, which has the following features: High voltage, Small size, High Q value, Stabilization capability, High reliability, Low price. It is widely used in induction heating, medium heating, communication transmitters, and broadcasting, etc. GLVAC capacitor with higher technology and quality.

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