About Us

What we really do?

Established in 2011, IMB Electric is a distributor that serves globally from Istanbul, specializing in the sale of high-quality materials and providing after-sales support in the electric automotive and industrial automation sectors. Since its inception, the company has been recognized for its extensive product range and ability to offer customized solutions to every customer. IMB Electric always prioritizes customer satisfaction. With its post-sales support services, the company aims to add value and respond attentively to the needs of its customers. With an unwavering focus on quality and its rich industry experience, the company continuously strives to provide reliable and lasting solutions to its customers.

Our Vision

IMB Electiric: Pioneering Innovative and Reliable Solutions for the Electric Automotive and Defense Industries

At IMB Electiric, our mission extends beyond providing high-quality electrical supplies for the electric automotive and defense industries through our online platform. Our vision is to set standards of innovation and reliability in these critical and rapidly evolving sectors.

As a leading solution provider in these fields, we deeply understand the challenges faced by professionals in the electric automotive and defense industries and offer them the most suitable, high-performance products. Our product range is designed to adapt to continuously evolving technological needs and includes the latest innovations in the sector.

Our website is designed to offer a seamless and accessible shopping experience for our customers. Professionals can easily find the electrical supplies they need and quickly select the most suitable solutions for their projects. Technical information and support hold a significant place on our website, ensuring that our customers make informed decisions at every step.

Looking forward, IMB Electiric aims to be the most reliable and innovative partner in the electric automotive and defense industries. Sustainability and technological excellence will be at the core of our operations, continuing to contribute to the success of our customers in these sectors.

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