i-BMS Battery Managment System


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The Lithium Balance i-BMS battery management system is an integrated BMS with 15 voltage channels. Managing applications up to 60V. Developed for cost-optimized mass production of two and three-wheeled vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles and other low-voltage applications such as Autonomous mobile robots.

It is equipped with all hardware features to manage and protect a battery without additional external components, including an internal pre-charge circuit, on-board current measurement, mosfet power switches for battery disconnection and a DC/DC power supply.

The i-BMS15 Battery Management System supports parallel connected battery packs. It has “Hot Swap” functionality. It includes advanced software algorithms for SOC, SOH, SOE and SOP calculations.

Product ordering number:

  • i-BMS15: 100916
  • i-BMS CREATOR: 100910.99

Realated Manager:

Configuration Software: The i-BMS CREATOR software enables the battery designer to set up the BMS configuration for their specific application and selected battery chemistry.

USB/CAN Adapter: For the i-BMS CREATOR software an adapter is required for USB to CAN conversion, which allows the connection from the BMS to the PC.

Charger: LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a range of both air-cooled and water-cooled chargers. The capacities of chargers are available in of 1.8 kW, 3.3 kW and 6.6 kW.

Wire Harness: Custom Made cell monitoring, temperature, I/O, and communication wire harnesses can be supplied for all i-BMS products.

Current Measurment

  • Shunts: A range of standard, compact and high precision shunts for all i-BMS products is offered by LiBAL. These shunts are also available to suit currents specific to almost any application.
  • HAL Effect Sensor: For all i-BMS products a range of standard high precision HAL effect sensors are offered. The HAL sensor can be selected to fit almost any application specific currents as well.

Li-on Cells: LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a range of cost-efficient cells. These products were proven on the market for over 10 years, can be managed by our BMS, and come with the possibility of extended warranty.

Other accessories

  • Fuses:  Fuses are another layer of safety for battery systems. LiTHIUM BALANCE also offers various fuses with suitable values for large format batteries.
  • Displays: LiTHIUM BALANCE offers a range of standard displays (CAN-based) that can be seamlessly connected to the c-BMS.
  • Relays: A range of standard and robust relays is offered for all products. In addition, these relays can be selected to suit current and voltage levels specific to almost any application.


Application Support: We offer application support to ensure smooth integration of modul into the system. The software license includes 5 hours of free support. However, other application support is provided on an hourly basis.

Training:Modul includes a comprehensive introduction to Li-ion technology and battery integration possibilities. LiTHIUM BALANCE has tailored its trainings specifically to user needs.

Remote surveillance: A modem-based surveillance system for modul is connect to the BMS via CAN. The data is stored on a secure server and can be accessed from anywhere.

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