GL250HAANA High Voltage DC Contactor

Kunshan GuoLi Electronic (GLVAC)

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SPST-NO, 250A, Coil: 12-36Vdc, Contact: 800VDC, with NO Aux

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GLVAC GL250HAANA,High Voltage 250A, 800Vdc DC Contactor / Power Relay

GLVAC offers the GL250HAANA High Voltage DC Contactor or power relay for switching 250A continuous current. Main contact is SPST-NO with SPST-NO aux. contact.

These DC contactor products are designed to operate at high voltage parameters without any faulty situation.With its robust Ceramic-Metal seal design, this power relay can operate efficiently even if harsh environment conditions.

It also uses highly reliable ceramic sealing technology. Its inner structure filled with strong cooling ability of gases which can rapidly cut off the DC load. For technical features of this product, you can examine the specifications table below:

Main contact formSPST-NO
Coil voltage12-36 VDC (8.5 to 36Vdc)
Rated voltage12 to 800VDC
Rated operating current250A (with 150mm2 wire)
Contact resistance (initial at rated current)< 0.4mΩ
Electrical life-resistive load1250A 450VDC 1000 cycles (make&break)
250A 750VDC 400 cycles (make&break)
300A 750VDC 50 cycles (break only)
-250A 320VDC 12 cycles (break only)
Mechanical Life300,000 cycles
Contact formSPST-NO
Note 1: Unless particularly stated, the test conditions are room temperature, operation frequency: 0.6s on, 5.4 off.

Application of this power relay can be listed like this;

  • For electric vehicles and charging stations
  • Battery charging and discharging system
  • Hybrid electric vehicles
  • Charging piles

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GLVAC GL250HAANA High Voltage DC Contactor


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