c-BMS24X Battery Management System


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The new c-BMS24X is built on the compact and market-proven hardware of the Lithium Balance c-BMS24 and is designed for low voltage applications. In addition to the c-BMS’ robust base features the c-BMS24X is equipped with advanced software features that enable improvements in vehicle range, uptime, and an optimized battery health and performance.

Main Features:

  • Centralized BMS system
  • Up to 24 cells in series
  • Up to 2000+ A continuous current
  • 1 CAN port
  • 6 temperature channels

Advanced Software Features:

  • Parallel pack support up to 10 battery packs
  • Easy battery swap functionality
  • Advanced SOC, SOH, SOP, SOE algorithms
  • Improved balancing algorithm for difficult-to-handle applications and cell chemistries such as LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and hybrid applications
  • Convenience features such as battery heater management and sleep mode
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