c-BMS18 Advanced Battery Management for Enhanced Performance and Safety


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c-BMS18 Low Voltage Applications for Compact Battery Management System

The c-BMS18 offers compact hardware, the latest features, software capabilities, and advanced proprietary algorithms developed by Sensata Technologies | Lithium Balance for low voltage BMS applications in an 18-cell battery management system (BMS). It supports the parallel connection of up to 10 battery packs, providing enhanced safety, service ease, and design flexibility. Parallel battery packs can be hot-swapped, eliminating downtime and range anxiety typically associated with EVs (Electric Vehicles) and other electric applications due to charging needs.


Enhanced Safety Features:

– Components rated according to ISO 26262 standards for unparalleled safety.
– Redundancy and self-testing in critical safety measurement circuits.
– Fast open-circuit detection to ensure continuous reliability.

Extended Battery Life:

– High-frequency current sampling every 10 ms for precise impact detection.
– Smart shunt balancing of 200 mA per cell promotes longer battery life.
– Efficient heater control for optimized battery performance under various conditions.

Exceptional Performance:

– Achieves ±1.6 mV accuracy in individual cell voltage measurement at 25°C.
– Low power consumption mode for optimized performance.
– Accurate temperature measurement within ±1°C.
– Advanced SOC (state of charge) algorithm combined with OCV (open circuit voltage) compensation for precise SOC estimation.
– Innovative SOH (state of health) algorithm based on capacity loss and internal resistance estimation.
– Advanced SOP (state of power) and SOE (state of energy) algorithms for comprehensive performance monitoring.
– Supports parallel packs (up to 10 packs) and hot-swap for uninterrupted operation.
– Unique balancing algorithm ensures cell balancing during charge-discharge cycles.

User-Friendly Design:

– Real-time clock (RTC) and status logging capture critical data.
– Easy configuration with the BMS Creator PC tool, enhancing usability.


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