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Rotocon Slip Ring with Fiber-Optic Rotary Joint

Meridian Laboratory

Up to 81 Channels, 40Gbits/s Digital Data, 3000rpm

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Rotocon Fully Integrated  Slip Ring & Fiber-Optic Rotary Joint Solutions

Meridian Laboratory partners with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of Fiber-optic rotary joints (FORJs) to provide standalone fiber optic solutions, and electrical plus fiber combinations. All fiber-optic components are assembled in an ISO Class 7 clean-room environment and 100% tested to the highest standards.

Electrical + FORJ Integration: Meridian Laboratory offers a full suite of single and multi-channel fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) that can be combined with any number of ROTOCON electrical slip rings. Offered in a wide variety of configuration options for varying size, wavelength, environmental, material, and termination requirements, we are your single-source provider for slip ring and FORJ solutions.

Single-Channel Fiber-Optic Rotary Joints

Channel count11111
Max. insertion loss (dB)1.5 (SM)
2.5 (MM)
1.0 (SM)
2.0 (MM)
3.0 (SM)
4.0 (MM)
1.5 (SM)
2.5 (MM)
2.0 (SM)
3.0 (MM)
Max. variation of insertion loss during rotation (dB)
Min. return loss (dB)50 (SM) / 35 (MM)
Wavelength1310 Nm/1550 Nm (SM)
850 Nm/1300 Nm (MM)
Rotation speed (RPM)3000100003000601000
Weight (excl. connectors)18 g18 g20 g60 g130 g
Torque0.06 Nm0.06 Nm0.06 Nm0.3 Nm0.3 Nm
Degree of protectionIP54IP54IP54IP65/IP68*
*seawater resist.
Recommended temperature range-40°F to +185°F

Multi-Channel Fiber-Optic Rotary Joints

Channel count2-43-87-3616-60 (81)2-8
Max. insertion loss (dB)3.5 (SM)
3.5 (MM)
3.5 (SM)
3.5 (MM)
3.5 (SM)
3.5 (MM)
3.5 CH 16-32
4.5 CH 33-48
5.5 CH 49-60 (81)
3.5 (typ. 1.5) CH 2-4
4.5 (typ. 2.5) CH 5-8
Max. variation of insertion loss over rotation (dB)1.52.5 (typ. 1.5)1.5 (typ. 0.75)
Min. return loss (dB)5040 (typ. 45)
Wavelength1310 Nm/1550 Nm (SM)
850 Nm/1300 Nm (MM)
1310 Nm or 1550 Nm
Fiber typeSingle-mado E9/125 or mujlti-mode 50/125 or 62.5/125
Mixed configuration with multi-mode and single-mode up to 36 CH
Single-mode E9/125
Rotation speed (RPM)100015060
Weight (excl. connectors)250 g700 g1500 g1500 g3000g
Torque0.08 Nm0.15 Nm1 Nm
Degree of protectionIP54, IP65IP68 up to 4500 m op. depth up to 10000 m (seawater resistant request)
Recommended temperature range-40°F to +185°F-15°F to +165°F


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Rotocon Slip Ring & Fiber-Optic Rotary Joint Solutions(FORJ)


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