Meridian Laboratory is a global automation and machine component designer and manufacturer located in the United States. Since 1963, they’ve never stopped innovating, and they’re proud to have customers who have trusted them to provide industry-leading industrial automation and motion control solutions for over 55 years. In fact, some of their customer relationships are older than many of our competitors have been in business, and that’s the reason some of the largest companies in the world trust Meridian to supply automation components that give them the competitive edge they need to innovate ahead of their competition.

ROTOCON Slip Rings: Innovative Motion Control

Machines spin, rotate, move, and evolve. ROTOCON® slip rings were developed to offer unlimited applications, mounting possibilities, and options because our clients need more than a simple slip ring, they need a ROTOCON. In dozens of industries, for over half a Century, ROTOCON slip ring of Meridian Laboratory assemblies have powered innovation and production when ordinary slip rings just won’t get the job done.

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