Y13mm DC MCB up to 600VDC 0,5-50A


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Y13mm DC Magnetic Circuit Breaker 0.5-50 A up to 600VDC

DC voltages as high as 300-600VDC are becoming increasingly common in power distribution systems as a way to reduce the amount of copper in cable and busbar systems. Until now it has been difficult to find a Magnetic Circuit Breaker that can safely handle such high DC voltages. Now the solution is CBI’s newly developed Y series. This is a revolutionary product built on the same proven Hydraulic-Magnetic principle as the rest of CBI products. Meaning that no de-rating is needed due to the ambient temperature.

The Y-series can handle 300VDC in a 13mm module and can be delivered from the factory series connected for applications requiring 400 or 600 VDC and is 2x13mm wide. If your application requires both plus and minus breaking, the Y-frame can be delivered as a true electric 2-pole circuit breaker. In this case up to 300 VDC it is 2x13mm wide and 301-600 VDC 2×13+2x13mm. So the total width is 52 mm (4×13).


  • Telecom/datacom
  • DC circuit protection
  • UPS equipment
  • Alternative Energy Equipment
  • Battery Protection

Y series has different approval profiles depending on what the application area is:

  • YA = Tele/Datacom
  • YB = Alternative energy/Energy storage (unpolarized product)
  • YR = Rolling stock and railway signaling
  • YS = Switch version without overload protection.

YA-Frame – Miniature Circuit Breakers

YB-Frame – Miniature Circuit Breakers

YF-Frame – Miniature Circuit Breakers

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