QT26mm DC MCB for up to 80VDC 70-250A


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The QT26 Magnetic Circuit Breaker is a 26 mm wide, very robust circuit breaker for DC use. It is ideal for applications where you need to interrupt higher currents and need a rail mounted product. Just like the QY13, it is designed to operate DC currents. The QT26 maintains rated current regardless of ambient temperature. If you have a problem with high ambient temperatures in your equipment, you can rely on the QT26 magnetic circuit breaker to always maintain the rated current. So there is no need for derating. Like all our Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers, it is designed and certified to load at 100% of rated current at all times.


  • DC current protection (DIN/EN 60947-2)
  • Telecom / datacom equipment
  • UPS equipment
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • Mobile power generation equipment
  • Railway signal equipment
  • Industrial equipment
Product numberPoleNominal Current Characteristic
QT28U2200B0Z2 (2x26mm parallell)200AMedium
QT28U2250B0Z2 (2x26mm parallell)250AMedium

QT26mm- Miniature Circuit Breakers

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