Optical Absolute encoders 58-90mm


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Absolute encoders are a type of rotary encoder that provides a unique code or position value for each possible shaft angle, allowing for precise control and feedback in motion control applications.

Absolute monoturn encoders are a specific type of absolute encoder that can provide a position value for a single full rotation or turn of the shaft. They typically use a multi-track encoding method, where each track has a unique code sequence that corresponds to a specific shaft angle. As the shaft rotates, the encoder reads the code sequence from each track and uses it to determine the exact position of the shaft.

The advantage of absolute monoturn encoders is that they can provide immediate and accurate position feedback even after power is lost or the system is restarted. This is because each unique position value is stored in the encoder’s memory, allowing it to always know the exact position of the shaft. In contrast, incremental encoders only provide relative position information and require a reference point to be established each time the system is powered on.

Overall, absolute monoturn encoders are an important tool for precise motion control applications, where accurate and reliable position feedback is critical.

Absolute Monoturn Encoders
CAO58P58 mmSolid ShaftSSI OutputDatasheet
CHO558 mmTrough ShaftSSI, CANopen, ParallelDatasheet
CHU990 mmTrough ShaftSSI, CANopen, ParallelDatasheet
CHM990 mmSolid ShaftSSI, ParallelDatasheet


Absolute Multiturn Encoders
MHM558 mmSolid ShaftSSI, CANopen, Devicenet, Profibus, Etherlink, ModbusDatasheet
MHK558 mmHollow ShaftSSI, CANopen, Devicenet, Profibus, ModbusDatasheet
PHM558 mmSolid ShaftSSI_X, SSI_R, Profibus, CANopenDatasheet
PHO558 mmThrough ShaftSSI_X, SSI_R, Profibus, CANopenDatasheet
PHM990 mmSolid ShaftSSI_X, SSI_R, Profibus, CANopenDatasheet
PHU990 mmTrough ShaftSSI_X, SSI_R, Profibus, CANopenDatasheet
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