MGB Series 100 to 150A DC Busbars


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100 to 150A DC Busbars, 2 to 12 Studs

MGB Series 100 to 150A DC Busbars

Metric threading screws and studs. Glass fiber reinforced Nylon base ensures great mechanical strength and durability. Optional transparent insulating cover with recessed area for label stickers. Tin-plated copper bus allowing current up to 150A. Stainless steel studs and screws provide great anti-corrosion ability on board. Insulated base ensures no leakage to metal hulls.

Product Name

Product IDStud SizeScrewsA.Length


B.Mounting Centers



Bus Material

Single Bus BarsMGB-SB12 x M6 (1/4″)6xM4 (5/32″)146101100ABrass
Single Bus BarsMGB-SB22 x M6 (1/4″)12xM4 (5/32″)206161100ABrass
Single Bus BarsMGB-SB32 x M6 (1/4″)6xM4 (5/32″)146101150ACopper
Single Bus BarsMGB-SB42 x M6 (1/4″)12xM4 (5/32″)206161150ACopper
Single Bus BarsMGB-SB54 x M6 (1/4″)12xM4 (5/32″)146101100ABrass
Single Bus BarsMGB-SB66 x M6 (1/4″)12xM4 (5/32″)206161100ABrass
Common BusbarsMGB-CB12 x M6 (1/4″)10xM4 (5/32″)118107150ACopper
Common BusbarsMGB-CB22 x M6 (1/4″)22xM4 (5/32″)178167150ACopper
Dual BusbarsMGB-DB1Dual 6x M6(1/4″)Dual 6xM4(5/32″)118107100ABrass
Dual BusbarsMGB-DB2Dual 2x M6(1/4″)Dual 6xM4(5/32″)178167100ABrass
Dual BusbarsMGB-DB3Dual 2x M6(1/4″)Dual 12xM4(5/32″)118107150ACopper
Dual BusbarsMGB-DB4Dual 2x M6(1/4″)Dual 12xM4(5/32″)178167150ACopper
2 steps Dual BusbarMGB-DB5Dual 2x M6(1/4″)Dual 6xM4(5/32″)9475150ACopper
2 steps Dual BusbarMGB-DB6Dual 2x M6(1/4″)Dual 12xM4(5/32″)154135150ACopper


NOTE:Each product is available in two colors,RED & BLACK, Please write in order descrpition the color you need.

Order example, Please place the order like: MGB-SB1/Black With 2 x M6 (1/4″), 6xM4 (5/32″) , 146mm, 101mm, 100Amps, Brass, Black color.

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