GL8SF HV Relay


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GLVAC’s GL8SF SPDT High Voltage Relay is a product designed to provide reliable switching in high voltage applications. This relay stands out for its robust construction and flexible features, optimized for use in high voltage electrical circuits.

The GL8SF SPDT High Voltage Relay has a wide range of applications in industries such as industrial, energy, and automation, offering strong switching and durable performance in high voltage applications.

This high voltage relay has several advantageous features. Firstly, it is designed to operate reliably in high voltage circuits, with a robust construction that ensures reliable switching even under high voltage.

Another feature of this relay is its SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) construction. This means that one switch can open or close two different circuits depending on one output. This flexible structure provides the user with more options in various applications and allows for customization of the switching according to the system’s needs.

The GL8SF SPDT High Voltage Relay also offers energy efficiency benefits, such as low coil power consumption and low power loss, contributing to energy savings and a more sustainable operating environment.

In conclusion, the GL8SF SPDT High Voltage Relay is an important product in GLVAC’s high-quality range, offering reliable, flexible, and energy-efficient switching solutions for high voltage applications. Manufactured with GLVAC’s quality and engineering expertise, this contactor is the preferred choice for ensuring safe and effective performance in electrical circuits.

Contact ArrangementSingle Pole Double Throw
Coil Voltage 26.5
Contact Current Rating30 A
Operating Voltage15 KV
Rated Voltage (KV Peak) DC or 60Hz15 KV Peak
Operate Time15 ms
Release Time9 ms
Mech Life (cycles)1 million
Oparating Temperature-55 to +125 °C
Weight84 g
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