Rincon Power LLC

Designed to meet the needs of an electrified future. Hermetically sealed to perform in harsh environments.

Complete line of high voltage battery disconnect switches. Metal-ceramic hermetic seal for superior performance.

HVBD is the next level in battery disconnect technology with these features:

  • Robust metal-ceramic hermetic seal
  •  Industry leading dielectric withstand voltage
  •  High temperature performance
  •  Ultra-low contact resistance over life
  • Ready for harsh environments
  • Designed for OSHA compliant lockout/tagout (LOTO)
  •  Drop-in replacement for GIGAVAC1 HBD Series battery disconnect switches
  •  Optional integrated auxiliary contacts
  • Patent pending

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Rincon Power HVBD4AXR


Rincon Power HVBD4AXR


Rincon Power HVBD4AXR


Rincon Power HVBD4AXR

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