TX – Eddy Currents Sensor


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An eddy current sensor is a non-contact sensor that uses electromagnetic induction to measure the properties of conductive materials. Eddy current sensors have a wide range of applications, including non-destructive testing of metal parts, detection of flaws and cracks in materials, monitoring the position, speed, and direction of moving conductive objects, and measurement of material thickness and coating thickness. They are used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, as well as in research and development settings.

Measurement range :

  • 0 to 0.5mm
  • 0 to 2mm
  • 0 to 3mm
  • 0 to 4mm
  • 0 to 5mm
  • 0 to 10mm

Output signals

  • 0 – 10V
  • 0 – 5V
  • -5 – 5V
  • 0 – 20mA
  • 4 – 20mA


  • Measurement of axial and radial play
  • Out-of-round, vibrations and high point Measurement
  • Deflection and deformation measurement
  • Alignment control between two shafts
  • Clearance and ball bearing wear measurement
  • Cavity Pressure Measurement
  • Teeth detection on wheels and sprockets
  • Camshaft point and camshaft profile measurement
  • Groove detection and measurement of the groove depth
  • Crack detection
  • Shape control
  • Measurement of the thickness of rust, paint or oxidation layer

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