Lam Step Motor M1233032


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The Lam Step Motor M1233032 is a stepper motor manufactured by LAM Technologies. This motor is a part of their M12 series and is designed for applications that require precise positioning. Stepper motors are widely used in robotics, CNC machines, 3D printers, and other applications that require precise control of position.

This motor provides precise positioning, accurate and repeatable movements. It is typically integrated with driver boards or control systems. It offers advantages such as high precision, low cost, and low energy consumption. It facilitates easy assembly and generally includes standard mounting holes. It is designed to fit standard stepper motor dimensions.

Bipolar Holding Torque1.1Nm (156oz-in)
Bipolar Phase Current2.5Arms
Rotor Inertia230g-cm2 (1.26oz-in2)
Length51mm (2inches)
Weight620g (21.87oz)
FlangeNEMA 23 56.4×56.4mm (2.22×2.22inches)
Leads Number4
Full step angle 1.8°
Between Mounting Holes 50mm
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