GIGAVAC Bidirectional DC Contactor GVB35


1000V, 500A, 12/24/48Vdc, SPST-NO

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GIGAVAC Bidirectional DC Contactor GVB35

GIGAVAC bidirectional DC contactor series is designed to meet critical needs in various application fields. Therefore, this series of contactor is especially suitable for EV power systems, EV battery charging stations. This series of contactor’s benefits are listed below:

  • Gas-filled design offers lower resistance than non-hermetic switches resulting in higher system efficiency and less heat generation. Meet IP67 level.
  • Suppression gas allows high fault interrupt capability and prohibits oxidation—Strong capability of cooling arc, rapidly breaking current.
  • High-Efficiency Dual DC Coils – Very low 12, 24, or 48 VDC continuous coil power with no EMI emissions or cross-talk on your system control power. Ideal for battery-powered systems or where low power is needed.
  • Built-in coil suppression for all DC coils – Saves you engineering time and parts cost to add external coil suppression.
  • Not position-sensitive – can be mounted in any position for ease of installation.
  • Certification pending: CE, UL 60947-4-1, CCC
Specifications of Bidirectional DC Contactors
Rated Voltage1000V
Nominal Current500A
Contact ArrangementMain: SPST-NO
Auxiliary: SPST-NO
Mechanical Life300,000 cycles
Coil TypeDual
Coil Voltage, Nominal12Vdc, Internal Coil Suppression
Coil TerminationFlying leads, 30 cm (12 in)
Auxiliary ContactsSPST-NO normally open
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Bidirectional DC Contactor GVB35

Weight440 g
Dimensions80.5 × 60 × 72.4 cm
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