Sentop (HK) Limited

Sentop (HK) Limited was established in 2010. The company provides high quality products and professional services in the industry of precision potentiometers. Sentop (HK) Limited company has equipped with professional inspection devices and R&D tools. The company also based on more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the field of sensors. Therefore, they continually develop highly cost-effective products of brand SENTOP. The field is including Hall-effect sensors, precision potentiometers, dials, joysticks and pedals for industrial application, etc.

Sentop (HK) Limited’s Rotary Encoders / Rotary Potentiometers

Rotary encoders (potentiometers or angle sensors) are using in electronics to record angle information in a system. Eventually they transform it into electrical signals. These sensors (rotary encoders or potentiometers) provide excellent measurement results for optoelectronic and modern applications. Additionaly, the lifespan of the sensors is particularly long. It is because of their contactless measuring principle. There are numerous variants that are available for each application fields. Therefore, the customization options of these devices are very large. The large selection includes of electrical signal outputs, connections, and encoder designs.

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