How the GigaFuse Helps Maximize Safety in Advanced Battery Systems

Advanced battery systems need advanced circuit protection solutions for a variety of reasons – ranging from improving high power, industrial battery safety and performance to encouraging greater market acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs). The high current levels and power densities in next-gen battery systems demand equally high-performance, highly precise safety components.

Only by designing systems that are robust and safe, and using high-performance components such as fuses and contactors that can handle short circuits, can a manufacturer ensure reliability over a given vehicle’s lifetime.

This whitepaper covers the ever-increasing demand for improved stored energy systems, the role of fuses and contactors, as well as faster & more precise next generation technology solutions for protecting EV batteries and power systems.

Download this white paper to learn how Gigafuse helps maximize safety in advanced battery systems across a variety of applications.

– By Markus Beck, Sensata Technologies

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