WST85 Combined Displacement (Draw-wire) and Inclination Sensor

In many applications both displacement and inclination must be determined. Usually two different sensors need two be applied to capture both parameters, even if the variables need to be measured at the same spot of the machine. In such cases, a combined measurement of the variables in one sensor saves costs, installation space as well as cabling and installation time.

ASM´s posiwire® cable extension sensor WST85 offers such a combined displacement and inclination measurement.  Displacement is measured using ASM´s new generation cable extension sensor technology posiwire. The new generation sensors are exclusively equipped with contact-less, magnetic multihall encoder technology and thus significantly more robust than conventional cable sensors using optical encoders or potentiometer solutions. Inclination is measured by an integrated inclination sensor element based on MEMS technology. The sensor is suited for use in harsh environments such as in mobile machines.

The posiwire® WST85 sensor measures linear position up to 6,000 mm and inclination between +/-180° in 1 axis. Available digital outputs are CANopen and CANopen redundant. The sensors´s linearity is up to +/- 0,05 % of the measurement range for linear position and up to 0,05° for inclination. The sensor has protection class IP67/IP69.

Data sheet posiwire® WST85

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