SCS Series Rotary Unions & Joints


200 PSI(15 BAR), 500 RPM, 24 HG, 0° F to 220° F (-18° C to 105° C)

DSTI SCS Series 1-Passage Rotary Unions & Joints

The DSTI single passage SCS Series rotary unions feature hygienic, tri-clamp ferrule connections, food grade seals and bearing lubricant, and a FDA-approved design for use with CIP (Clean-in-Place) systems.

To help minimize fluid stagnation points, smooth flow lines are engineered into the design to allow a clear passage for fluid. Specialized bearings fit inside a sealed chamber to keep lubricants in and contaminants out.

SCS-605010[SCSM-605010]3/4″ Type A ASME-BPE[DN 15, Series A, DIN 32676]0.620″[15.748 mm]2.690″[68.326 mm]3.950″[100.33 mm]None10 in-lbs[1.13 Nm]
SCS-606010[SCSM-606010]1″ Type A ASME-BPE[DN 20, Series A, DIN 32676]0.870″[22.098 mm]3.440″[87.376 mm]4.100″[104.14 mm]None25 in-lbs[2.82 Nm]
SCS-608010[SCSM-608010]1.5″ Type B ASME-BPE[DN 32, Series A, DIN 32676]1.372″[34.849 mm]4.440″[112.776 mm]4.640″[117.856 mm]None40 in-lbs[4.52 Nm]
SCS-609010[SCSM-609010]2″ Type B ASME-BPE[DN 50, Series A, DIN 32676]1.870″[47.498 mm]5.440″[138.176 mm]4.990″[126.746 mm]None60 in-lbs[6.78 Nm]
SCS-610010[SCSM-610010]2.5″ Type B ASME-BPE[DN 65, Series A, DIN 32676]2.370″[60.198 mm]6.690″[169.926 mm]5.610″[142.494 mm]None140 in-lbs[15.82 Nm]
SCS-611010[SCSM-611010]3″ Type B ASME-BPE[DN 80, Series A, DIN 32676]2.870″[72.898 mm]7.940″[201.676 mm]6.810″[172.974 mm]None220 in-lbs[24.86 Nm]
SCS-613010[SCSM-613010]4″ Type B ASME-BPE[DN 100, Series A, DIN 32676]3.834″[97.384 mm]8.940″[227.076 mm]7.430″[188.722 mm]None340 in-lbs[38.41 Nm]


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DSTI SCS Series Rotary Unions & Joints 

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SCS Series Rotary Unions & Joints


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