EVU1.5 DC Fuses, 150VDC, 10 to 1000A


150VDC, 10 to 1000A, Breaking 25kA to 30kA

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EVU1.5 DC Fuses, 150VDC, 10 to 1000A

Electric Vehicles, Two-wheeled & Three wheeled electric motorcycles and bicycles, Automated Guided Vehicles, Railway and Metro system, Aerospace Devices, Civil ships and Military ships, Energy Storage System, Power Electronics system of lndustrial automation equipment and lndustrial communications Equipment such as satellites and radars ect.

Electrical Specifications
Product NumberCurrent RatingBreaking CapacityPre-Arcing

I²t ( A²s)

Total Clear

Watts Loss 100% In
EVU 2.5-1010


@250VDC  L/R=8ms

EVU 2.5-2020461471.8
EVU 2.5-30301033312.4
EVU 2.5-40401845883.1
EVU 2.5-50502879183.8
EVU 2.5-606041313224.8
EVU 2.5-50-A50


@250VDC  L/R=10ms

EVU 2.5-60-A6033510714.4
EVU 2.5-80-A8059519045.6
EVU 2.5-100-A100114836739.0
EVU 2.5-150-A1502583826412.5
EVU 2.5-200-A20045911469218.0
EVU 2.5-250-B25071742295723.8
EVU 2.5-300-B300103313305829.0
EVU 2.5-400-B400183655877037.0
EVU 2.5-450-C450232447438048.0
EVU 2.5-500-C500282699182759.0
EVU 2.5-600-C6004132213223170.2
EVE 2.5-100-A100114836738.5
EVE 2.5-150-A6002583826410.2
EVE 2.5-200-A20045911469215.7
EVE 2.5-250-A25071742295721.4
EVE 2.5-300- A300103313305828.4
EVE 2.5-400- A400183655877034.9
EVE 2.5-500-A500286969182757.0
EVE 2.5-600-AX26003595011504165.0
EVE 2.5-800-AX28006391220451890.6
EVE 2.5-1000-AX2100099862319559116.2

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HUDSON FTF DC Fuses, 150VDC, 10 to 1000A


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