Gill CY90-T Ignition Coil

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Powerful Spark Ignition on any Gas-fueled Engine

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Gill CY90-T Ignition Coil

Gill CY90-T Ignition Coil is designed for use in arduous gas engine applications such as large cylinder engines and burning low-calorific fuels.

With extended spark duration in excess of any produced by CDI ignition systems, the CY90-T provides superior performance, leading to a cleaner burning engine.

The CY90-T is a highly efficient, robust design that will provide powerful spark ignition on any gas-fueled engine.

Features & Benefits:

  • For engines with large cylinders and burning low-calorific fuels
  • Spark duration in excess of any CDI ignition systems
  • Highly efficient, robust design
Primary Resistance0.7 ohms nominal
Primary Inductance5.0mH
Peak Current15.0Amps
Typical Spark Duration2000µSeconds
Spark Energy>100mJ
LT ConnectionsScrew terminal

GillSC CY90-T-Ignition Coil


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