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CKTB1000/3.5/89(I) Variable Vacuum Capacitor



1000pF, 5kV max, 89A RF Current



CKTB1000/3.5/89(I) Variable Vacuum Capacitor

A vacuum variable capacitor uses a high vacuum as the dielectric instead of air or other insulating material. This allows for a higher voltage rating than an air dielectri using a smaller total volume. Vacuum variable capacitors commonly used in high-voltage applications. They are used in equipment such as high-powered broadcast transmitters, amateur radio RF amplifiers,flat panel displays and large antenna tuners.


Type Capacitance(PF) Peak Test Voltage (kv) HF Peak Working Voltage (kv)  Max RF Current (A) Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
CKTB1000/3.5/89(I) 1000 5 3 89 55 134.1

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CKTB1000/3.5/89(I) Variable Vacuum Capacitor

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Variable Vacuum Capacitor CKTB1000/3.5/89(I)


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